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BAYRO Mexicana is a company that manufactures pure aluminum alloys and electrical equipment, and is committed to environmental protection. We believe that caring for the environment is an important part of our operation.

Environmental responsibility is more than just recycling and proper disposal. When we design products, we carefully produce them with special materials that minimize environmental impact.

Being environmentally responsible contributes to the quality we strive for, we produce good quality parts that reduce landfill disposal and purchase of raw materials. We have a recycling program in which our goal is to recycle everything from our process"

Environmental policy

Bayro Mexicana continues to improve its environmental programs, preventing pollution to the extent that is possible by recycling, treatments, proper disposal, substitutions of materials research and environmental friendly processes.

Bayro Mexicana is fully committed to comply with all federal and local environmental regulations.

Bayro Mexicana sets goals and objectives, which will be reviewed by the General Environmental Committee to ensure that our programs keep working.

Bayro Mexicana communicates to its employees the goals and objectives and then trains them.

Bayro Mexicana is developing periodical audits to the Environmental Management System and the results will be communicated to all employees .


"Saving our environment for the future"