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Executive Summary

Bayro Mexicana is an enterprise devoted to metallurgy and with experience in this market. A complete success at your hand's reach; we open our doors to achieving our client's requirements.

We offer metal foundry at high temperatures with a variety of methods, mainly with aluminum, achieving resistance to corrosion and complying with electrical  and thermic specifications, in which the material is 100% pure in order to achieve the necessary precision in the transformation of quality products that satisfy the requirements of our clients and the market demand.

We are currently engaged in the manufacture of electrical equipment such as oval condulets, square supplies boxes, weatherhead conduits, drains, metallic number and letters and special components and parts.

We have creativity in design, manufacturing and developing of new products to better give technical guidance to our clients. is our official website in which you can make quick online purchases delivered directly to you.

We're devoted to our client's product deliveries which are distinguished by being on time, and can be tracked on route.

Our challenge is the continuous search for our client's greater satisfaction by offering products and services of quality with professionalism, trust, mutual communication, and transparency in win-win negotiations and the execution of the new objectives and proposals of our clients.

Bayro has advantages in its practices and management of the company such as humane dealings with our staff, youth, broad vision towards mutual growth, openness toward change, passion and professionalism, respect towards our clients and working towards objectives in continuous improvement.

Bayro is engaged in constantly achieving clear objectives such as:

Satisfy our client's needs with goods and services of quality under the best business conditions.

Increase the socioeconomic wellbeing of a region by using its raw material and services.

To keep and improve the ecological situation of the region in which it operates, avoiding pollution.

To manufacture goods that are not harmful to the wellbeing of the community, living a "green life".

To comply with the financial interests of shareholders, rewarding them with fair dividends over their investments.

Make use of knowledge on the cutting edge, applying modern technology in diverse areas of the company.

Encourage research and improvement of current techniques for the creation of national and international technology.

Researching market needs to create competitive products and services.

Meet payments to creditors for interest on the loans.

Maintain capital at present value.

To obtain profit above those of bank interest to distribute among investors.

Reinvest for the sake of the growth of the company.

Direct ourselves day to day with discipline.