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We are committed to lead the branded metallic articles industry thanks to our passion for metallurgy. Inspired by our heritage, we know that a deep understanding of the consumer and the client is essential to achieving this goal.

To anticipate and respond to their needs, we continually strive to create a culture of innovation, challenging ourselves to break with convention and embrace change. By harnessing this culture, expanding the borders of products, services and processes to strengthen our competitiveness and maximize operational and financial performance of the company. This, in turn, will lead to long-term value creation for our shareholders.

Becoming a sustainable business

Like any global company, BAYRO Mexicana must manage a large commercial and competitive pressure to offer higher financial returns and growth. At the same time, we are responsible for our employees and we have a responsibility to the workers in the factories of our suppliers and the environment. We are engaged in the achievement of a balance between the interests of shareholders and the needs and concerns of employees and workers and the environment; we are, in short, striving to become a more  sustainable company . We present publicly the steps we take to have a positive impact on our society and the planet.

Develop a winning team

With enthusiasm to win as a team through open communication , collaboration and our shared values in the field of metallurgy. We foster a corporate culture of performance, passion, integrity and diversity by creating a work environment that encourages innovation, team spirit and that is based on strong leadership and employee commitment

Leading through Innovation.

All of BAYRO is responsible for advancing innovation. Fostering a culture of challenging convention, embracing change and requiring all areas of the company to generate at least one significant new innovative improvement per year. We believe that technological developments and cutting-edge design in our products are essential for sustainable leadership in our industry. Beyond this, the improvement of services for our customers and the implementation of more efficient and effective internal processes are other areas where our organization strives to innovate.